Digitized portrait of Jordan Mynes on a monitor

Jordan Mynes

IT Consultant, Web Developer, Crypto Nerd

Infographic of responsive web design

Web Design

I recenetly graduated with a Bachelor's in Information Technology & Management (ITM) from Illinois Institute of Technology. My primary interest is Cybersecurity and Penetration Testing, but one of my areas of focus was mobile-first responsive web design—and this was the first site I associated a domain name with! Most of my pages are just demos, and can be accessed at (Currently under construction, but useable.)

My first website I built outside of educational pursuits was for the Vocalist Producer Challenge IV, an annual Nerdcore music contest for prize money and glory. VPC IV and VPC V's sites have since gone dark, but you can view them on my favorite site, archive.org, if you're curious.

Free Software

Richard Stallman, FOSS legend

One of the primary reasons for my interest in Linux and Cryptocurrencies is my love for the FOSS (Free Open Source Software) community. In 2017 I attended a Richard Stallman event in Chicago, after many years of being a fan. Since then, I've gotten a few friends together to hand out and plaster Defective by Design and FSF stickers onto every surface we can find.


My strong technical and political interest in Bitcoin started in 2011, and motivated me to become the co-founder of Illinois Institute of Technology's Crytpocurrency Club (bIITcoin Chicago) in 2015. Our club promotes the education and advancement of cryptocurrencies and provides educational resources to the community to promote the usage of cryptocurrencies by community members.

In 2016, I hosted the ten hour broadcast radio arm of a Bitcoin Airdrop, in conjunction with BEN and 4 Chicago Universities. Today, I'm the Lead Web Developer at Radiant Crypto, and recently attended the Nebulas Mainnet launch party in San Francisco.


Spock DJing

I've run Nerdy Nonsense & Friends on WIIT 88.9FM Chicago @ Illinois Tech in various formats for about three years. I primarily spin Nerdcore Hip-Hop, though I used to have a co-host David sobel who was my connect for sweet Chiptunes/VGM. When my co-host left for his own show, I switched it up and now have a segment called Wordy Nonsense where a friend, guest, Uber driver, or anyone else I find interesting gets to play their favorite music for an hour and chat live on FM. It's a two hour broadcast, currently 10PM-12AM on Friday nights when it fits my schedule.

I've been meaning to post every show recording somewhere, but the link above is a very old weekly Mixcloud upload of David and myself on Nerdy Nonsense: Remixed. We even hosted a concert at The Bog (IIT venue) with the bands Soup or Villainz and 1-UP Creative Mindframe, with free admission. This was co-hosted by my organization bIITcoin Chicago. Our old stuff is even on iTunes!


Arch Linux desktop screenshot

I'm a GNU/Linux hobbyist, and have used it as my daily driver since 2012. I enjoy dual or triple booting nearly every device I own, from watches to phones and anything in between. I got sick of Ubuntu early on and moved on to Crunchbang Debian (which is unfortunately now dead, though forked as Crunchbang Plus Plus), drawn by its simplicity and low system requirements. When Crunchbang died I moved on to Arch Linux, which I presently use with these configurations that I found on Reddit.